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It is said big things come with a small idea. There are so many inventions and innovations in this world which is an evidence of small ideas like electricity, use of telephone, social networking sites, online sites etc. Had the legends behind those ideas did not work; we would not be able to get advantage from all of them. To start any business, we need ideas and then we can make it good for us by analyzing its feasibility and aiming to achieve it.

You have started thinking to start a business and you do not know what the first steps towards it will be. Before getting into any venture, it is necessary to do SWOT analysis. This would help you identify three things i.e.

  • Place to start with
  • Resources to start with
  • Purpose of starting a business

The above three is required to be analyzed first in order to get into business ideas. All three have different dimensions like there are so many ideas which pertains to home based business ideas like if somebody does not like to go outside and do not want to fulfill all the business commitments leaving family behind, he/she has an advantage of doing such business. Similarly, analyzing resources is necessary because it is the stepping stone towards practical application of business ideas. Resource could be money, technology or human element. These are helping ones. If you have initial investment, you do not have to go to the bank or any other person to start with new business.

There are so many business set ups which can be adopted based on the skill or expertise you have. Like if you are having any certification in accountancy, you can start a business providing accounting services to small businesses or start teaching accountancy as a subject etc. If you are good in cooking, you can start giving classes to the new home makers, even start selling your special dish via online set up taking orders from the customers and making it ready for them.

Getting new ideas is not much difficult if you know your strengths and you determine to work hard towards the goal. Mark Zuckerberg does not have anything except an idea to connect people from all over the world. He had the expertise of coding and decoding and determination of pursuing idea and therefore he achieved what he achieved in the name of Facebook.


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